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Backing Fabrics to Match or Contrast Your Instrument

Our standard fabrics are 100% Cotton Velvet from three different mills and covering a rainbow of color options. We also like to recommend a wood grained Cotton Moire.

Optional fabrics include the classic guitar case choice: Crushed Velvet.

Specify the color to match your instrument or contrast with classic black or cherry red. Corduroy, Faux Suede and even some Upholstery fabrics have surprised us with how nice they look.

The Links below take you to our primary source for fabric. Select from their extensive inventory, and we'll send you sample swath to confirm your order.

Over 200 Cotton Velvets in Denver Fabrics Catalog

Dozens of Faux Suede Options at Denver Fabrics

Beautiful 35-Cotton 65-Poly Crushed Velvets

Standard Fabric:
Color Choice at No Charge

White Wood Grain Moire

Optional Fabrics begin with Velvets, in almost any color

Cherry Red Velvet

Standard Fabric:
Color Choice at No Charge

Tan Wood Grain Moire

Corduroy adds a nice texture, also in almost any color

Gold Corduroy

Standard Fabric:
Color Choice at No Charge

Gold Wood Grain Moire

Upholstery Fabrics like this Brocade add an antique touch

Blue Gold Brocade

Due to the limitations of our camera, and to the differences in video displays, the colors and textures of the fabrics shown here may not be true to life.


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