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Backing Fabrics to Match or Contrast Your Instrument

Fabric Shopping

The back panel of your Cabinet is 1/4 inch hardboard, sealed to eliminate vapor exchange, and covered with a wide range of decorative fabrics.

For a conservatory environment, a thick cotton fabric provides a natural moisture buffer, significantly improving humidity control without the formaldehyde vapors from most styled fabrics.

We stock a variety of colors representing three mills who make fine 100% Cotton Velvets. Polyester Velvets, Faux Leathers, and Faux Suede are also available and offer a wider range of textures.

Samples will be sent to you while we are fabricating your cabinet. For custom orders, you'll also have a sample of your wood, stained and varnished.

Texture on the back panel helps highlight the instrument. Download the full sized image (below) to see this rare Martin D7 in an Oak Full Sized Full View Cabinet, highlighted by a wood grained tan Satin Moire:

Wood Grained Moire

Complete Fabric Catalog

You can even shop at your local fabric store: Almost any upholstery fabric may be used to cover the back panel. You are welcome to shop your local retailers to select your fabric and color.

How's it Hang?

We use String Swing hangers exclusively and stock several models to suit your particular instrument. Electrics tend to hang closer to the back panel than Acoustics, hence different hangers. Mandolins are hung on a slightly smaller Yoke than a Guitar. Violins sit on the base of the headstock, not the tuning keys. Violin Cabinets include a Bow Hook and are sized to hold a full sized bow.


We also offer our Trademarked MultiLocYoke. This special block allows instrument height adjustment with four settings, and infinite depth adjustment.

Single Yoke Multiple Heights
click for CloseUp

How's the Cabinet Hang?

Behind the back panel, a pair of interlocking braces carry the weight of your instrument and the weight of the cabinet separately and directly to your wall.

The Cabinet Sides completely hide the braces. Unless your wall is severely out of plumb, your cabinet will hang flush to the wall.

How's it Hanging?

The upper brace is permanently secured to the cabinet at the ends of the brace.

The lower brace is secured to the wall.

String Swing links the two braces. The Cabinet can't be lifted off the wall and the Instrument weight is transfered to the wall, not the back panel.


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