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Display and Protect your Guitar in a Shell Case or Full View Cabinet, Available in Several Sizes


Our Shell Cases and Full View Cabinets are available in several sizes hosting almost any instrument from Violins to Jumbo Acoustic Guitars.

We also design Custom Cabinets to host almost any collectable. Contact us to begin creating your own one-of-a-kind display.

Shell Cases have dovetail jointed solid sides, top and bottom.

Shell Cases - Jumbo, Classic, Bass and Slimline

Full View Cabinets use classic stile & rail panels for the sides and top, hosting glass windows. The bottom panel is a solid slab.

Full Views - Classic, Custom, Full Size and Violin

Both Styles Feature:

Choice of almost any Rare & Exotic Hardwood, hand selected with samples for your approval.

Polyurethane finish is standard to protect your instrument and ensure a sealed enclosure. Masterpiece Finishing is also available including Oils, Stains and Hand Rubbed Varnishes.

Unobstructed Frameless Doors:
- 1/4" Clear Acrylic, Radius Corners, Polished Bullnose Edges
- Inlayed in a Tight Door Frame for a Sealed Enclosure
- Hinged to Fully Open > 180 degrees
- Latched with a choice of 1 or 2 Magnets or Locks

Solid steel hinges rated at over 14X the weight of the door, available in Chrome or Brass finish.

Wedge Brackets for a secure, tamper resistant wall mount. Instrument and cabinet are attached directly and separately to the wall.

Wide range of decorative fabric backing choices.

Our Sizing Tables show several instrument models and recommend the smallest cabinet that will host them. The following link leads to the Sizing Tables.

Note: For players (frequent and convenient access), we advise you to oversize your selection. The extra inch around your instrument makes a big difference. For display only (rare access) the smallest possible case or cabinet will suffice.

GUITARS COME IN MANY SIZES: On the order form, we ask for the make & model of largest guitar you wish to display. We assure that your case or cabinet will be large enough, and deep enough to hold your instrument. If you have an unusual instrument, download the following procedure showing how to take accurate measurements and determine the hang angle.

Hang Angle Measurement Procedure

Close up photos of all of these features are on our Features & Options Page.

Contact us to for detailed, high resolution photos of any feature you wish, we are quite proud of our work and love to show it off.

The detailed photo on the right shows our Optional Hidden Magnet in a Bird's Eye Maple Full View Cabinet.

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