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An Honor and a Challenge

Typically, we brag about our cabinets on these Gallery Pages. Here, we devote our attention entirely to three of the finest instruments we've ever seen, heard or played.

1917 Steinway - Ribbon Mahogony
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"When I learned that my cabinets would hang in the same room as this rare and beautiful Steinway, I had to catch my breath. Built in 1917, it is wrapped in Ribbon Mahogany. The original finish is nearly flawless. How could anything contemporary look good next to this classic example of fine woodworking? I'm not ashamed to admit that it took two tries to get them right."
Mitch - Great-Case Founder & Owner

Contemporary and Classical
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Impeccible Taste in Guitars
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This McPherson has a remarkably soft feel. It is, by far, the richest sounding guitar I have ever had the pleasure of playing. The Tailor 814 is no second fiddle, it resonates forever. It is a real thrill to host such fine guitars.

Collectors don't value their instruments. They admire them.

Each glance awakens a muse and inspires an appreciation that, over time, adds up to much more than a fortune.

Inviting you to play...
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