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A Custom Cabinet for a Legendary Guitar

Elvis' Gretsch in a Custom Great-Case

Elvis Presley owned this guitar. It's an honor to be chosen to protect this piece of rock history.

Built in 1965, Gretsch calls this a 6122. It is more commonly known as The Chet Atkins Country Gentleman. Elvis toured with it during the early 70's. A photo of him playing it on stage graces the installation in a nearby frame.

He gifted it to someone "in the movie business" and it appears to have been rarely touched ever since. The original strings accompany the guitar in a pouch within the original hard shell case.

The more famous twin for this guitar resides at Graceland as part of the remarkably small collection of 15 instruments that Elvis owned upon his passing.

When the owner contacted us, she had the great idea of marrying a traditional picture frame with a variation of our Shell Case. The design for this new cabinet style will always be credited to her. The implementation is our proud accomplishment, but not without due credit to the other fine artists who contributed to this project *.

Now, almost any picture frame you like can be fashioned into a Shadow Box with the added features of convenient access and environmental control.


"You don't have to be an Elvis Fan to get goose bumps. Any guitar lover would be thrilled to see this instrument. I was honored to be asked to study this guitar, document its condition and to my great surprise

Play It !!!

... I wonder if you can imagine the thrill."

Mitch - Great-Case Founder & Owner

This cabinet marries a traditional picture frame with one of our custom shell cases to create an entirely new cabinet design. Think of a Shadow Box, then add access and environmental control.

Choose almost any frame you like and we'll turn it into your new display case. Although we typically show off guitars, any collectable can be hosted, displayed and protected by a Great-Case.

* This particular frame is made by a remarkable artist, Mr. Lou Martinez and employs 24K Gold highlights on hand carved chevrons at the frame's corners.

Lou has been hand making frames since the 70's. His craftsmanship graces the walls of the White House. For some of the finest hand crafted frames in the world, you must visit Lou at New Look Picture Frames, and tell him Mitch said hello.


The door is hinged to open 170 degrees and when closed, is sealed by two secure locks. Tested to assure a significant (40%) and sustained moisture differential, the enclosure hosts humidifiers hidden behind the picture frame and our finest Hygrometer by Diamond Crown.


The frame hosts the highest grade Non-Glare and Ultra Violet Blocking product available. Museums are replacing all of their glass with Optium, a variation of Acrylic with 100% UVB permanently embedded into the material. Glass is coated to provide UVB. The coatings are extremely fragile and short lived.

* Ms. Betsy Jesup, owner of The Handwright Gallery in New Canaan CT, will be happy to tell you more about Optium and help you with any questions you may have on your search for the finest framers in the country.


Great-Case Cabinet Company * Littleton, Colorado