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Amazing Guitars Proudly Displayed

Here, I'll show you more guitars than cases. Read on and you'll see why. This is just a modest peek at the finest collection of guitars I have ever seen. After playing each and every one of them, I must admit that my four Jumbo Shell Cases are humbled by the guitars they host.

Neverthless, I hope you'll see in these images what patience in woodcrafting yields, both in the guitars and in the cases that present and preserve them.
Mitch - Founder & Owner

The wildest, most exotic and heaviest wood we've ever used is called Jatoba.
{ Pronounced: Wa-Toe-Ba, we call it Wow-Toe-Ba }

It is a sub species of Cherry from Brazil. Ten times harder than Oak, it is
commonly used as flooring. It is so dense, carbide tools dull in a day's use.




This client asked for the best. We searched and waited, and searched some more. We were rewarded with a rare, highly figured Jatoba. Ribbons of gold flicker with iridescence under the hand rubbed varnish. Bright sections turn dark, and visa versa, as you view from different angles. This 3D wood looks to be alive.

Some of the wood is Spaulted, an effect of microscopic rotting that results in wild colors and textures. Despite the incredible density of this wood, the dovetails are clean and tight. A tribute to the patient hands of old fashioned craftsmanship. Dense woods are the trophies of a shop's skill.

On the left, a beautiful Taylor T5 with an iridescent Koa top. Wood lovers are most attracted to what we call figuring. Textures with depth are often falsely attributed to the varnish. Even an ammeter wood finish will glow when the wood has as much character as this Koa.

Speaking of exotic wood, look closely at the image above right. You will notice a guitar hanging backwards and for good reason. This guitar's back and sides are made with what may be the rarest wood on earth. My goal was to match the finish on this gorgeous guitar with my varnished Jatoba.

Found in New Zealand, this wood was buried in peat bogs before the last ice age. Massive stumps and logs are harvested like buried treasure. In a sense, this is the oldest guitar in the world. Hard to believe? Research this ancient wood and the Master Luthier who builds with it, Laurie Williams:

Web Link: Laurie Williams Guitars

50,000 yrs old guitar !!!



The Kauri top of Laurie Williams' guitar is beautifully book matched and figured with texture that rivals the ancient Kauri back. This guitar was as amazing to play as it was to see. It has a bright and rich sound. Bass tones vibrate from the top of what may be the softest guitar I have ever played.

To the right of the Kauri, a guitar built by Master Luthier Tony Vines. With an instrument as beautiful and as valuable as this, a savvy collector never lets it out of sight.

African Blackwood makes an erie sound, much deeper than any guitar I've ever heard. The neck is lightning fast. So much faster than any other acoustic, I was ripping Satriani licks without knowing it. I thought I'd found a hybrid of an electric neck on an acoustic body.


An exotic wood from French Guinea called Miridiba trims every edge and seem. This is a heavily appointed guitar. With a side sound hole, you'd expect something unusual, and the effect is outstanding.

On the right, a custom Owl Inlay dresses the headstock and Diamond Crown Hydration Accessories dress the case.

The loudest acoustic guitar I have ever played, the African Black-Wood back and sides resonate forever with a deep tone that rings your ribs as you play.



On the left, look closely at the way the top is bound to the sides on the Tony Vines. A tapered section of highly figured Miridiba cuts the typical 90 degree angle into a pair of 45's. The guitar is much more comfortable with this softening of the edge, but I suspect it is the softening of the top that Tony was looking for. Something must explain the nearly infinite sustain.

On the right, a peek at the African Blackwood back. A small section of brighter sapwood splits the seem. The neck is built up from too many sections to count, each a wild contrast with the next. Every aspect of this guitar pushes the envelope of quality. It is such an honor to have it hang in one of our Jumbo Shell Cases.


All respectable collections have a vintage D28. Shown on the left above, this guitar reminds you why everyone loves a Martin. On the right, another amazing contemporary guitar built by Lance McCollum. Lacking some of the fancy dressing of a Tony Vines, one might mistakenly overlook this fabulous sounding and soft feeling instrument.

Below, a look at McCollum's mother of pearl trimmings
and a great-look at a great-case.


Below, a section of quarter sawn Jatoba. Textures of gold show off our Masterpiece Hand Rubbed Satin Varnish. Each of the nine coats were hand polished for hours. The result rivals the high quality finish on the guitars.

Look closely.. you'll notice another case, corner mounted low under the sloping ceiling. This home hosts 14 cases in all, tucked into every possible placement.



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