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Display Cases and Cabinets for Guitars, Violins, Mandolins...
Environmental Enclosures Disguised as Fine Cabinetry


Great-Case utilizes classic cabinet fabrication techniques to produce a line of enclosures that protect and display guitars, mandolins, violins and many other stringed instruments.

Allowing access without risking environmental fluctuations, our cabinets keep your instrument Within Reach, On Display and Out of Harm's Way.

Can You See Your Instrument

Safely Displayed & Protected

In Any Environment?

Monitoring and controlling the temperature and humidity of your enclosure is the most recommended technique for preserving the life of rare and valuable musical instruments.

Our cabinets insulate your instrument from environmental variations, significantly reducing exposure to fluctuations in room temperature and allowing accurate control of moisture.

Huge Moisture Differentials
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The Art of Conservation
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Treat your instruments like the rare antiques they soon will be.

This beautiful harp was made circa 1915 by Melville Clark, founder Clark Music Co. Read more in our Gallery about where you can see this rare instrument displayed and protected in this example of our custom cabinetry.

Custom Cabinets for Rare Collectables
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The same fine craftsmanship is in our economical Shell Cases,
highlighting Dovetail Joined Solid Slabs of Hardwood.

In two sizes and three depths, our Shell Cases host any guitar
from Telecasters to Monster Gretshes.

The Jumbo will host most acoustics, and has 7.5" wide slabs
of solid hardwood on all four sides.

Solid Slabs of Genuine Honduran Mahogany
Please hang with us @ great-case.

Whether you are a Player or a Displayer, we
will change the way you look at your instruments.

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Great-Case Cabinet Company * Littleton, Colorado