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Although we have several Standard Styles and Sizes,
we treat every request as if it were a custom order.
There are five decisions to make:
Style, Wood, Finish, Hardware, and Fabric

Each of these choices are explained on specific pages of this site, and most are shown on our Features & Options page. Retail Cost for all of these choices are shown on the form below. Our quotes are typically less than retail, rewarding exciting new combinations we've always wanted to build.

Supply as little or as much of the following information to begin this effort. We will contact you by eMail, phone or post, with a specific quote and/or assistance detailing any undecided options. Our inventory of cabinets will also be reviewed for any which approach your specifications.

If you are uncertain about the Size or Depth you require, simply tell us the make and model of your instrument.

Respect for your privacy is our first and foremost promise of service. We do not ask for a credit card. Any contact info you supply is kept in strict confidence, but PLEASE tell us how to contact you.

This Quote Request is not an eMail, we can't see where it came from. We do not pry nor do we play with cookies. Cabinetmakers can't hack, we're not cyber-crooks.

Contact Preference (required) eMail, Phone or Address:
Instrument Type:Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar
Maker, Model & Year:
Whammy Bar?
---- STYLES & SIZES: Details on our page called Style & SizeShell Case: Shallow Slimline - $475
Shell Case: Shallow BroadView - $500
Shell Case: Mid-Depth Slimline - $525
Shell Case: Mid-Depth BroadView - $650
Shell Case: Classic - $700
Shell Case: Jumbo - $725
Shell Case: Bass - $725
FV Cabinet: Mandolin/Violin - $725
FV Cabinet: Classic - $1100
FV Cabinet: Full Size - $1275
Custom Size:
-------- HARDWOODS:
Custom Hardwood:
---------- FINISHES: Stains or Oils ($35)
Stain / Oil Color Preference:
Final Seal & TopCoat:
Finish Sampling ($35)
--------- HARDWARE: Hinge & Latch Color
Hinge Side:
Latch Style:
Yoke Block:
---------- BACKING: Fabric Color Preferences
Fabric Styles & Services:
------------ PLEASE? How did you hear about Great-Case?
Special Requests or Questions:

Thank you for your inquiry.
We are honored by all who show interest in our art.
We will contact you as quickly as possible.


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