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Premium Hardwoods, Hand Selected & Classically Finished

Climbing Huge Pallets For Just the Right Pieces

Our Cases and Cabinets are sealed with a Satin Polyurethane or optional Hand Rubbed Varnish, to seal the wood and significntly reduce formic and acetic acid vapors. Bare or worse, stained woods emit these corrosive gasses for decades.

Red Oak with a Clear Satin Polyurethane is our standard Hardwood and Finish:

Clear Coat Red Oak

Optional Finishes on Oak include Stains of almost any color, Danish Oils and Hand Rubbed Satin Varnish.

Oiled Red Oak

Responsibly Harvested Exotic Hardwoods

Custom Cabinet orders enjoy a huge selection of truly rare and beautiful hardwoods from around the world. We do not offer endangered woods such as Brazilian Rosewood, and we screen out ethically questionable sources for all of the hardwoods we offer.

The availability of Ash, Maple and Cherry is certain, but for more exotic woods (Walnut, Rosewood... ) pricing and availability must be researched before ordering. The exotics shown below have been reliably available, but please eMail to confirm.

eMail us to discuss our optional wood sampling services, where you can receive a sample of the exact wood we plan to use to build your cabinet.

Clear Satin Polyurethane is the standard finish. Optional Hand Rubbed Satin Varnish adds a deep, rich and butter smooth coat, highlighting the exotic textures of most hardwoods. Recommended finishes are discussed for each specific species.


Ash is very dense and sturdy with high contrast, deep grains. Ash is difficult to darken. If dark colors are desired, consider stained Oak or Cherry.


Walnut makes a beautiful cabinet with deep rich grains. Already a dark wood, we do not stain walnut and recommend Satin Varnish.


Padauk is dense and strong. It makes a very heavy case. The rich red/orange soft grains have black hard grain highlights. Gloss Varnish yields a deep 3D effect.

We have recently discovered a source for rare Figured Maples. It is a treat to work with these beautiful woods. Grain textures change tone as the angle of view and lighting vary, creating a stunning depth and richness to the finish.

Please be cautioned: Rare and exotic woods require extra time to acquire and work with.

Please eMail to see if we have your favorite exotic woods in stock.


Hard Maple has subtle grains and a smooth texture. Very difficult to stain. If darker colors are desired, we use Danish Oils with a Gloss Varnish.


African, Indian and Bolivian are rare but still harvested responsibly. Sadly, Rosewood will soon be gone. Here, you see Bolivian Rosewood.


Lacewood is a naturaly figured wood. The standard Satin Varnish brings out a rich variation in gold and brown highlights. Gloss is overpoweringly rich.

Bird's Eye Maple

Bird's Eye Maple is very rare, but worth waiting for. The grains move as the lighting changes, an effect unmatched in any other wood we've ever seen. Clear Polyurethane yields a bright display of grains and spots (The Eyes), but we recommend Danish Oil and Soft Gloss Varnish (shown above).


Cherry's variable grain and texture highlight the beauty. Optional Pennsylvania Cherry (Red) Stain and/or Polished Gloss Varnish.

Purple Heart

Purple Heart is so dense, it burns out our tools. The deep rich color will surprise you. Gloss Varnish really highlights this wood.


Babinga is a very darkly toned wood. As such, deep cases can appear a bit shadowed. As an oily wood, stains do not take well, and the Gloss Varnish is required to seal it.

Fiddle Back Maple

Fiddle Back Maple is more readily available and stunningly beautiful. The deep figure creates a 3D impression that literally changes tone as you adjust your viewing angle.

Due to the limitations of our camera, and to the differences in video displays, the colors and grain of the woods shown here may not be true to life. To ensure that your cabinet is sturdy and square for decades, we will not work with Pine, Fir or other Softwoods.


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