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Hi Mitch

I received the four cabinets at 1300 hours.
They were installed by 1500 hours.

I am blown away.

My New Basement Rocks...
thanks to your fine craftsmanship.

The Bird's Eye Maple looks great.

The quality and craftsmanship is much higher than I ever imagined. In this age of the blackberry, instant access and everyone flying about in a frustrated hurry, it's nice to know someone is holding on to the patience, values and skills that made this country great.

My patience has indeed paid off. Like one of your earlier customers wrote: "My guitars are not worthy".

I do have some wall space left in my living room and I am always on the lookout for another guitar to adopt.
A Rosewood Full View sounds very tempting. Thanks Mitch!!!

Customer for Life!
5 March 2009: D. C. Chicago, IL


Martin D-45 Vintage

"Here are some pics of your artwork on my wall...
you are in good company, that is
Lance Armstrong's 2000 Maillot Jaune."

Maillot Jaune is French, and means Yellow Jersey
The jersey worn by the leader of a multi-stage bicycle race,
originally and most notably the Tour de France.

Bird's Eye Maple Full View

"I don't think the Martin is good enough to hang in your cabinet.
I could not be more pleased."

Corner Mounted Full View

"The instructions were explicit and easy to follow...
it only took about an hour."
Nov 2008: S. M. Orland Park, IL


Hi Mitch,
I really appreciate the exceptional customer service you have provided.
You and your organization are truly top notch. In times like these,
companies like yours will not only survive but indeed prosper.
15 Oct 2008: A. S. Alberta, Canada


Taylor 814 CE

"I received the case yesterday and mounted it last night...
... I am very happy with the results. My Taylor is now resting comfortably!"
August 2008: K. O. Cary, NC


Martin Series II Parlor - 1886 !!!

"... your mounting bracket is genius. What's that saying? A picture is worth a thousand words... "
June 2008: D.H. Winter Haven, FL
1886 Martin Parlor Guitar
Our 2nd Oldest Resident




Hi Mitch & Ann,

I just wanted to say thanks for the great service,
beautiful cabinet and custom packing job you did!
I am so grateful.

The cabinet is up on the wall and looks wonderful.
L is thrilled with his gift and now wants to get all
of the other guitars protected!

Again, thank you so very much for all you have done,
and for the great attention to detail! :)
28 Dec 2007: D. A. Elizabeth CO



Hi Mitch! 

For my next cabinet, I would like it as close as possible
to the first one, because they are matching guitars.

When I order a third case, I will choose a different wood,
depending on the guitar we are housing. It will be fun to
have different woods depending on the guitar.
14 Jan 2008: D. A. Elizabeth CO


The case arrived for my 1970 Les Paul Custom "Black Beauty".
I am more than pleased with my purchase.

The craftmanship is excellent, a fine piece of furniture that I will be proud to showoff for many years.

Mounting the case was much easier than I expected.
Also, I am now playing on a regular basis. My guitar is no longer invisible.

Thank you for your committment to perfection, you've made one happy customer.
21 Aug 2007: J. B. Woodbine, MD

'70 Les Paul
Click for CloseUp


If you are buying a $20,000 aged Blackie guitar, I doubt you are planning on playing it at gigs and jams.

One thing is for sure, you are not going to want to stick it into a case in the back of your attic or closet.

I hate storing my guitar in its case. I like to have it displayed
out in the open where it can call me from across the room to play it.

I know a few people who have hanging guitar mounts for their wall.
Well why not have a humidified case to go around that?
It'll be like your guitar never left the store.
26 May 2007: Matt Van Stone
an unsolicited review


... your product is the best looking and best price I've seen...
13 May 2007: E. G. Denver, CO


Your work is excellent. I've done a bit of woodworking and it's obvious you are an artist.
8 Feb 2007: J. Williams, Executive & Concert Director Swallow Hill Music Assoc


... the Paduak looks great... My Gold Top '60 Reissue never looked better, hope the photos work.

14 Jun 2006: L. S. Denver CO


I just pulled it out of the box couldn't wait to hang it, check it out.
It's beautiful. These are the Strats I was telling you about,
both American Fenders, the sunburst is a '69, the white is a '74.

If I get another case can you match my hand made bird's eye maple neck?


23 Sep 2005: T. W. Lone Tree CO




Great-Case Cabinet Company * Littleton, Colorado